Auralex Acoustics Studio Monitor Isolation Pad Review

Auralex Acoustics Studio Monitor Isolation Pad Review

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Isolation pads are essential for creating the best at-home or studio listening experience, and they’re even important when you’re running an event. The right isolation pads ensure that vibration, resonance, and other causes of distortion do not negatively affect the quality of your sound or cause problems.

What’s more, isolation pads even help audiophiles who live in apartments get along with their neighbors by reducing the boom of the bass and the vibration of the floorboards!

Then again, there are a lot of different isolation pad options out there, and it can be hard to determine which pad is the right choice for you. One of the most popular options is the Auralex Acoustics Studio Monitor Isolation Pads. Are these the right choice for you, though?

Auralex Acoustics Studio Monitor Isolation Pads

The Auralex Acoustics Studio Monitor Isolation Pads are a high-quality set of isolation pads by the very popular brand, Auralex. These pads are known for being the best on the market, but do they really do that much for the quality of the sound? Let’s find out!

Who Is This Product For?

These Auralex Acoustics Studio Monitor Isolation Pads are great for those who are serious about their audio, and they understand what they are investing in when they get a set of isolation pads.

Because these pads cost two or three times more than many other isolation pad options, they aren’t something that you should buy on a whim. Instead, these are a great option when you know that your speakers need a bonus of high-quality vibration and resonance reduction.

If you have any knowledge of what that means for your speakers, these might be the isolation pads for you!

Additionally, these pads are a great choice for those who are serious about getting their setup right from the start. If you are still learning, but you know that you plan to do a lot of high-quality audio work, you should invest in these from the get-go to help ensure your future success.

What’s Included?

This set comes with two Auralex Mopad isolation pads that can be used to stabilize the sound quality and secure studio monitors and speakers in any audio setup.

Overview of the Features

The Auralex Acoustics Studio Monitor Isolation Pads are an excellent option for many different sized monitors, and the pads are sold in pairs. Each set includes base pieces that are 12 inches long by four inches wide.

These base pieces are made from very thick and dense foam that have a 100-pound limitation. Most isolation pads of this size can only handle up to 30 or 40 pounds, so they aren’t the right choice when you have a heavier or more serious setup going on. In those situations, you need something stronger like Auralex.

The set also comes with angled pieces so that you can get your monitors set up in the perfect configuration to ensure great sound quality. You can use the wedge adjusters to set up the angles -8°, -4°, 0°, +4°, and +8°.

With these options, it’s easy to get the right set up, and the right setup matters if you want to truly isolate your speakers from their surroundings so that you can make and hear the best music possible!

When used properly, these isolation pads can effectively improve the clarity of your music by eliminating vibration and resonance that can distort the sound. In the end, you’ll be able to more clearly hear high frequencies while also getting tighter sound from your bass range.

How Isolation Pads Improve Audio

Even though you are currently shopping for isolation pads, you might not still fully understand how or why using this type of audio equipment is useful. Many people start out by knowing that they need to get isolation pads, but they do not really understand why this is so important.

When your studio monitor or speakers are set up on a desk, cabinet, or another flat surface, the vibrations are going to spread through these surfaces, and the resonance wavelengths are going to bounce off of them. The vibration can cause unwanted rattles while the resonance can distort the final sound quality.

For that reason, using some type of isolation pad can really help to improve your listening experience at home. If you ever get tired of the slight buzz on your desk when your speakers are playing or the vibrations you can hear through the floorboards, then you need to invest in isolation pads.

This video does a great job of explaining the importance of isolation pads:

As you can see, the isolation pads can also help to balance the amount of bass and other frequencies that you hear when listening to music. If you have a speaker that tends to limit some parts of your range, you might even find that adding an isolation pad helps to smooth out and extend the range in a very nice, passable way.


If you aren’t sure that the Auralex Acoustics Isolation Pads are what you need, that’s okay! To try a similar but less expensive product out first, we find that the SoundAddicted Studio Monitor Isolation Pads are a great budget-friendly choice.

For beginners who want to try out isolation pads without such a large commitment, you’ll see great results with this pair without breaking the bank.

If you like the quality of Auralex, but you are setting up a professional studio, you may want to increase the quality and go for a ProPad isolation pad from the same company. These pads are even more high-quality because they are intended to be used for studio recordings. There’s no denying that they help to create beautiful sounds!


Altogether, the Auralex Acoustics Studio Monitor Isolation Pads are a significant and smart investment for most people who want the benefits of having great audio in their home for their personal enjoyment or for audio mixing and editing purposes.

If you simply want to watch movies or play games with fewer vibrations or reverb, however, you may not need something that is this high quality. When you buy Auralex pads, you’re paying for that quality, so make sure that you decide what your goals are in using this type of pads!

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