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Studio Monitor Placement Calculator (What You Need to Know)

After spending a significant amount of money on studio monitors, you would want them to sound perfect. But just as choosing the right monitor is important, so is setting it up. The placement of studio monitors has a great impact on how they will sound. This is where a studio monitor placement calculator comes in. […]

What Are Studio Monitors Used For?

A very simple answer to that question would be: To make music. Music is food for the soul. It’s an old adage and is true enough even today. From simple instruments to orchestras, music became more beautiful and more complex over time. Audio engineers became part of the process for mixing music. Hearing the purest […]

Why Are Studio Monitors Important?

Today, technology has advanced to a level where music can be mixed and recorded in the comfort of our own studio spaces and even homes. With this rapid advancement, studio monitors have been gaining more popularity than ever before.   Beginner producers quite frequently make the mistake of using standard desktop speakers and disregarding the […]

How to Connect Studio Monitors to TV

Studio monitors are an essential part of every studio. They are crucial to audio recording and mixing requirements. This is the reason why people often disregard them as speakers. It is, however, a mistake, even though studio monitors are very different than commonly used Hi-fi speakers  in the sense that they do not color the […]

TRS Cable for Studio Monitors (Why You Need One and Which To Get)

Cables are an important part of our lives. They bring electricity to our homes, the internet to our computers, and cable TV to our screens. Similarly, cables are what bring the sound to the studio monitor to be replicated in its true and pure form. The type and quality of the cable are very important. […]

Studio Monitor Wires

Choosing the right studio monitor is important. Choosing the right wire for you monitor is just as crucial. Without proper wires, even the best quality monitors are just boxes filled with high tech components. Understanding and choosing the right studio monitor wire is essential for its optimum performance. General Terms related to Audio Transmission Before understanding […]

Studio Monitors vs. Speakers

Studio monitors and regular speakers may not seem very different at first glance but there are clear distinctions. While regular speakers color the frequencies of the sound they deliver, studio monitors aren’t designed to do so. In comparison to regular speakers, studio monitor’s frequency response graph is normally flat. The main purpose of studio monitors […]

How to Set Up Studio Monitors

So how do you set up your studio monitors? And how can you get the best sound possible? These are the most common questions for first-time home studio users, and often it can seem quite tricky. We are here to show you how simple the set-up process can be. If you have just purchased a […]

Studio Monitor Uses and Whether You Really Need One

Studio monitors are high-quality speakers that are designed to deliver precision. When you’re recording sound, a studio monitor is a vital piece of equipment to use in order to ensure that what you are recording sounds the way you think it does. No matter how expensive your speakers are, low-end and high-end frequencies will be […]

Active Vs Passive Studio Monitors: Which Is Which?

Studio monitors come in different sizes, designs and even function. Contrary to popular belief, not all speakers are created equal and not all serve the same function or purpose. So, when buying a studio monitor, when does one buy an active or a passive one? And in the battle of active vs passive studio monitors, […]

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