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How Far Apart Should Studio Monitors Be: Your Easy Guide

Setting up a professional recording studio or your home recording studio requires more than just having the good-quality equipment, such as studio monitors, and placing them on a sturdy table. If you want accurate audio reproduction, then knowing how far apart should studio monitors be is also crucial in setting up your recording studio. Now, […]

How to Connect Studio Monitors to MAC and Other Studio Setup Basics

Building a home studio is no small feat because there are a lot of things to take into account like what type of studio monitors should one choose. What is more challenging is that many of you already opt to use your MAC computers for better audio recording and production. Hence, you must also know […]

Studio Monitors vs Computer Speakers

For all the audiophiles and music lovers out there, deciding on a sound system is not an easy task. The question always boils down to this: Which one should you get? Facing-off, we are going to look at studio monitors vs computer speakers. The advent of today’s technology has brought the cinema to our home. […]

What are studio monitors used for: the basics explained

The studio monitor has gained a lot of popularity over the years. But while most people have heard of them, not all know their real application and think that if they get a studio monitor speakers in their home they will experience a true enjoyment while listening to music. However, this is not the case […]

How to Calibrate Studio Monitors – The Complete Guide

Studio monitors are a particular type of speaker used in speaker enclosures. Such speakers are specifically designed for professional application of audio-production such as television or recording studios. Now that we have the bare essential out of the way, let’s move on to the actual purpose of the article. In this piece, we will talk […]

Studio Monitor Setup – Getting the Perfect Sound

In order to get the best possible sound out of your studio monitor setup, there are a number of steps which need to be taken to ensure the most optimal configuration. These steps are considered to be a good starting point and depending on the individual environments you are working in, may need to be […]

Are Studio Monitors Good for Gaming

Studio monitors provide an enhanced quality to sound and while the main purpose of a studio monitor is for recording, there are some models that are a good alternative to gaming speakers. So regarding the question of “Are studio monitors good for gaming?” well, the short answer is: yes, they are. Read on to find […]

What Studio Monitors Should I Buy

There are so many factors to consider when choosing studio monitors. The price should be one of the main factors to consider. While studio monitors are cheaper than getting a full-fledged audio system for your home, it is important to compare the features offered by different manufacturers and the price that goes with those features. […]

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