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How to Connect Studio Monitors To Your Pc

There is something about how you listen to music through your personal computers and while most laptops have their own built-in speakers, most personal computers don’t. This article is about how to connect studio monitors to your PC. Connecting your studio monitors to your PC can save you a lot of time, effort, and money. […]

How to Position Studio Monitors 

Studio monitors are a great way to listen to the sound of your music accurately. However, the distance of your studio monitors can also affect how you hear the sound. Knowing how to position studio monitors is part of knowing how to use studio monitors in general. Not knowing how to position studio monitors will […]

What Are Studio Monitors

What are studio monitors and why do you need them? Studio monitors are speakers that are designed to enhance the audio reproduction of recordings. Studio monitors are usually designed for professional audio production applications. These applications include filmmaking, radio studios, recording studios, television studios, and home studios. Studio monitors are more of a physical robust […]

Are Studio Monitors Good for Listening to Music

If you want to create the ultimate music listening environment, you have probably been doing a lot of research on the optimal combination of price and quality. You may have even been considering purchasing studio monitors for listening to music. Studio Monitors Good for Listening to Music You may figure, “Well, if they’re used in […]

How do Studio Monitors Work

Music has evolved exponentially in the last few decades; and now it’s not just about the quality or genre that people are accustomed to listening to these days but also it is about the manner in which it is being enjoyed by everyone. Today, things like iTunes and Spotify exist and it has made entertainment […]

What Size Studio Monitor Do I Need

Anyone who is not that knowledgeable about studio monitors often mistakes them for the regular loud speakers they find in every living room. The truth is, they’re not. They are way more advanced in terms of the features and the quality of the sound they produce. Sound monitoring is a crucial part of creating good […]

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