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Biggest Studio Monitors

Recording and mixing music requires specialized equipment. Depending upon the size of your studio and what kind of music you are making, the equipment can be small and cost-friendly, or huge and expensive. Like other equipment, studio monitors can range all the way from small 3-inch monitors to huge 18-inch ones. Before looking for the […]

A Review of the 5 Best Studio Monitors Under $2000

If you want to ensure that the final music sounds the best to your listeners, you need to pick the best quality studio monitors. Here you will learn about the five best studio monitors under $2000. In crafting this list we have set the following to criteria for the best monitors. Studio monitors are probably […]

Studio Monitor Wall Mounts (5 of the Best Money Can Buy)

A music studio isn’t complete without studio monitors. They are used to produce the purest and clearest sounds without any coloring. Once you choose the right studio monitors, an important aspect is finding the right placement. You can either place them directly on your desk or mount them on the wall. So, you may require […]

Best 4 Inch Studio Monitors

Do you love playing music? If you do, sooner or later you will work towards becoming a proper professional musician. A home studio is the first step you can take towards recording your music professionally. But creating a studio sounds like such an expensive undertaking, right? Would you even be able to afford it with […]

Auralex Acoustics Studio Monitor Isolation Pad Review

Isolation pads are essential for creating the best at-home or studio listening experience, and they’re even important when you’re running an event. The right isolation pads ensure that vibration, resonance, and other causes of distortion do not negatively affect the quality of your sound or cause problems. What’s more, isolation pads even help audiophiles who […]

Best Monitor Isolation Pads for Authentic Audio Quality

Some people believe that monitor isolation pads are an unnecessary investment; others find that these pads make a huge difference in the quality of the sound in their at-home studio. Ultimately, your setup is going to dictate whether or not you truly need the best monitor isolation pads, but we’re of the opinion that these […]

Best DJ Studio Monitors to Level up Your Studio

Having a great audio setup can seem like an impossible task. There is a lot of different equipment that you might consider investing in to enhance your sound quality, but is all of that really necessary? Ultimately, there are certain pieces of equipment that can really improve your production and output levels. The best DJ […]

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