Best Speakers for Home Music Production

Best Speakers for Home Music Production

Are you planning to build your home music studio? Congratulations! You’re about to begin an existing journey of music production. But before you get all caught up in the details, you must get yourself ready with an essential piece of gear; the best speakers for home music production. Some people believe that good speakers should […]

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6 Cheap Studio Monitors with Good Bass

cheap_studio_monitors_with_good bass

Studio monitors with good bass can do justice to rock, hip-hop, and heavy house tracks. If you use a studio monitor that is not capable of producing good bass, the end result will be that the sound will sound watered down and unpleasant when listening on regular speakers or headphones. Most studio speakers with good […]

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Best Studio XLR Cables (Review & Buying Guide)

XLR connector

Studio XLR cables are one of the most important and common pieces of equipment of any stage setup, or studio or live performances. They provide an electrical path between two separate pieces of professional video, audio, or stage lighting hardware. Using XLR cables, the audio signal from your microphone or instrument can be carried to mixing […]

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Best Studio Monitors for Digital Piano

A music Studio

A piano has always been one of the most versatile musical instruments, and this is truer with digital pianos. If you feel like great music can flow through you, a digital piano would prove a very good channel for it to do so. Especially if you pair it with the right studio monitor. Music is […]

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Best Studio Monitors under $500 (Review & Buying Guide)

Black studio monitors

As audio equipment is getting advanced with technology, there are higher demands for better sound production. Consumers want to listen to the music they love in the best quality possible. Today, the production of professional music calls for state-of-the-art tools and that includes a studio monitor, which is one of the main devices needed to […]

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What Are the Best Low Cost Studio Monitors in 2020?


Studio monitors are designed for recording studios and musical professionals. One common misconception about the equipment is that they are expensive. The reality is that you can find many good monitors on Amazon at a bargain price. In this blog post, we will inform you about five best low cost studio monitors available online. Make […]

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6 Best Cheapest Studio Monitor Speakers in 2019


Studio monitors are essential for every musician and record composer. Large commercial recording studios need to set a high budget for studio monitors. However, if are hobbyists who want to mix and master your own music, you don’t have to spend a large sum on the equipment. In this blog post, you will learn what […]

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Best Studio Monitor Speakers for a Computer

Studio monitor speakers for computer

You have created a wonderful track after working for hours in your home studio and you are pleased with the final result. But, all your happiness goes away when you play the track in your car while going to work, the next day, because it doesn’t sound the same. The perfectly mixed track of yours […]

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Studio Monitor Placement Calculator (What You Need to Know)

Studio monitors placed in a home studio

After spending a significant amount of money on studio monitors, you would want them to sound perfect. But just as choosing the right monitor is important, so is setting it up. The placement of studio monitors has a great impact on how they will sound. This is where a studio monitor placement calculator comes in. […]

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Best Studio Monitors under $1000 (Review & Buying Guide)

Silver studio monitors

When you spend hours working on a track in your home studio, after a lot of careful tweaking, you want your mix to sound exactly the way you recorded it. What better way to get a clear representation of your work than setting up a studio monitoring system? With increasing demands for better sound production, […]

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