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The Complete Guide To Setting Up Your Home Studio

A thorough guide on studio equipment, and everything you need to know about setting up your studio.Introduction: Setting Up! Setting up a home studio can be daunting if you’re unsure of what you’re doing. You don’t just need to know which equipment to get and how it all works, you also need to know how […]

Professional Recording Studio Equipment List: The Essential 33 Items

All good things take time. Building a professional recording studio is no different. You need to be patient and willing to put in the work and resources required to turn your home studio into a world-class recording environment. A major piece of this massive puzzle involves getting the right equipment. You always need to be […]

Build a Recording Studio – List of the Essential Gear You Need

Recording music is an art, and a science all rolled into one. Of course, you could whip out your phone and hit the record button, but we’re guessing that’s not why you’re here. There’s a method to the madness if you want to do it like the pros. And, a fundamental part of it involves […]