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How to Use a DJ Mixer for Beginners?

Let’s be honest, DJ mixers are intimidating. There are so many buttons, knobs, and switches, it can be hard to know where to start!  Finding your groove on one of these mixers does take time and practice, just like any other musical instrument. With a bit of dedication and hard work, you’ll be well away! […]

Best Low Latency Audio Interface

When it comes to wrangling your guitar sound into your PC or Mac, then you’ll want the utmost control of your sounds.Ideally, you’ll want a piece of kit that will allow you to control the effects and add your own delay and distortion pedals.By picking up your very own audio interface you’ll be easily able […]

Best Hardware Reverb Rack Units

What better way to give your guitar, bass, vocals and drums that extra spatial, echoey sound than by adding a touch of reverb?When in the studio, give your notes that sonic pink Floyd quality by adding larger room, church or even amphitheater ambiance to them. The difference in tone and feel is out of this […]

Yamaha HS8 vs Adam Audio A7X

Yamaha’s HS series has become a favorite for bedroom producers the world over (me included), while Adam Audio’s AX series has earned recognition as some of the best quality monitors at this level of the market.Whether you’re a producer, musician, singer, all three, or simply a music lover, you need the best quality output you […]

Best 88 Key MIDI Controllers

From bedroom musicians to high-end producers, everyone needs equipment that makes making music extra enjoyable.A lot of musicians may opt for the 49 or 61 key keyboards these days, due to copious amounts of high tech programming and add-on’s, like amps, keyboards pedals, and lights. Sometimes you only need a 49 or 61 key to […]

Best Budget DAC

Finding a good quality DAC, especially on a budget can be quite the head-scratcher, can’t it?With so many choices and such a wide price range, it can feel an impossible task at times to find the best budget DAC.There are lots of factors to consider when purchasing your DAC, and a lot of terminologies that […]

Best iPad DJ Controller

Even though iPad DJ software can be very expansive and well thought out, the iPad itself is not the best device to use as the control hub.Controlling everything live on a small screen will increase the chances of error and ultimately limit your abilities.A good DJ controller is a much more intuitive and enjoyable way […]

Electro-Voice ZLX-12P Review

Stage monitors have been used for many years by music lovers all over the world, converting electrical signals into audio waves. They allow more people to enjoy your music by amplifying the sound so that it submerges the entire room with the sound. These types of speakers can range greatly in price and it can […]

MXL 770 Condenser Mic Review

For a young band about to make a record, make sure you get the vocals right – Jerry HarrisonYou only get one chance to get it right. When you step inside a vocal booth, plug into your amp, or sit behind the piano in a studio, you want to sound like you’re at the height […]

Universal Audio Apollo Twin MKII Solo Review

Universal Audio has established itself as a reputable manufacturer of both hardware and software, and their Apollo range combines their knowledge of both into one product. The Apollo range has been a mainstay of the products that Universal Audio offers, with each entry in the series being different from the next by the number of […]

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