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How to Become a DJ for Beginners

Are you passionate about becoming a DJ but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, we have you covered! Here you’ll find a step by step list of instructions that will help you to live your best life DJing at all of the hottest spots in town. Unfortunately, DJing isn’t as simple as it used […]

Do You Need a Mixer to Record Music at Home?

Enjoying music shouldn’t always be some passive way to spend time.  It’s more fun to actually create your own music.  And it’s even better to record the music for other people to enjoy too.So, if you’re reading this article, you will want our opinion on whether you need a mixer to record music at home.  […]

Music Production Equipment: Top 9 Must-Haves for Any Budget

Have you been toying with the idea of becoming a music producer? Do you understand what it takes to make a record-breaking hit? It’s a highly creative process that yields some of the most outstanding musical results. Music production is one of the most exciting industries you could ever be involved in. It is the […]

Do You Need a Subwoofer With Studio Monitors – Everything You Need to Know

There’s something utterly mesmerizing about a deep bass. It’s the reason thousands of people shell out loads of cash every year to catch the latest action-thriller at the local movie theater. Watching it from your laptop just doesn’t deliver the same memorable experience. (What’s even more mind-boggling is just how much money we’re willing to […]

Modern Studio Equipment Benefits – State of the Art Monitors Are the Future

Why settle for steamed broccoli on the menu when you could have exquisitely aged rib-eye steak? Unless you’re vegetarian, of course. In which case, eating meat would be out of the question. But, broccoli? There are at least a thousand other non-meat options on the menu you could get instead. The dining experience you would […]

Recording Studio Equipment Packages – What Do You Need to Start?

So, you’ve been honing your music skills and are ready to lay down your first track. You have two options. On the one hand, you could book a recording session at a professional studio. Keep in mind that if you go that route, it’s going to cost you a decent amount of cash in the […]

What Are Focal Studio Monitors and How Can They Benefit Your Studio?

Focal studio monitors may look like your average home entertainment stereo speakers but make no mistake about it – they are not the same thing. Stereo speakers are designed to enhance and amplify the sound to make it as pleasing to the ear as possible. Focal studio monitors, on the other hand, deliver flat outputs. […]

What is a Reference Speaker? An Overview

If you don’t know what reference speakers are, or what they’re used for, you’re not alone. Reference speakers are audio equipment that are mostly used for mixing and for studio use. It’s good solid info that might come in good use if you decide you want to install a home theatre and need good quality […]

Nearfield vs. Midfield Monitors

For many audiophiles and gear enthusiasts, this is an important decision. Nearfield vs. midfield monitors: What’s the best choice? Today, we’re going to explore your question. Let’s jump in! What’s a Monitor? A monitor is a loudspeaker that’s especially favored by music producers. This is because it’s particularly designed for professional production use. Monitors are […]

What is a Monitor Speaker?

If you’re a music enthusiast, you probably heard the term ‘Monitor Speaker’ before. In fact, experts regard them as the most important tool for producing quality sound. So what is a monitor speaker? This is your all-inclusive guide to everything you need to know about them! Monitor Speakers in a Nutshell Monitor speakers are for […]

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