Mackie CR Series Review

Mackie CR Series Review

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Entertainment has been a huge part of people’s lives in every era. It was a big deal in the past and it’s the same now. The manner in which entertainment items are created, produced, and enjoyed has evolved with time. Audio production has a lot of applications, especially in the entertainment industry.

It is an important aspect of a good movie, show, or a simple vlog. Since it has such a huge bearing on all of the multimedia projects that will ever be created, it needs to be processed in the most accurate and precise manner.

Studio monitors are created for this purpose. They are designed to make recording and creating sound a more sophisticated and intricate process that produces amazing results. In this era when the demand for a quality movie or any form of entertainment is higher than ever, it requires the kind of technology that is also of higher level.

Good thing is that the technology has also caught up with the demands of the consumer. With equipment like studio monitors, the task is made a lot easier.

There are a lot of models available in the market that you can choose from. If you’re not that knowledgeable in the components and the functions of each, then it would be best to consult a list of bestseller monitors. Or, you can always check one of the items in the list – just like theMackie CR3. It is a top seller and is available at a very reasonable price.

Key Features of the Mackie CR Series

Mackie Creative Reference is a known manufacturer of multimedia monitors that are designed to provide studio-quality sound that is perfect not only for entertainment purposes, but also for creating multimedia projects.

They maintain the premium quality of all their designs by using high-performance components that are usually utilized by high-end monitor brands. One of their bestselling designs is the Mackie CR3.

  • Studio-quality design intended for first class performance
  • Ideal for entertainment and multimedia creation
  • Full-range multimedia with a very wide frequency range
  • Superb sonic performance with its professional-grade components
  • Smart and convenient volume knob design with power ring that indicates On/Off/Volume Control
  • Convenient connectivity features for a hassle-free music streaming
  • Durable construction for a long-lasting usage


The Mackie CR3 doesn’t only have impressive design, but also it is capable of producing really incredible studio-quality sound. Its superb performance can be attributed to its high-output drivers and exclusive waveguide system design that is not that common in monitors at this price point.

Aside from that, it has several features that make it functional such as its front panel aux input which you can use to hook it up with a tablet or smartphone. Its volume knob also works as the power button and it has a lit power ring that lets you know if the device is turned on or not.

What makes it even more convenient is the left/right speaker placement switch that allows you to strategically arrange your speakers at your desk. The CR3 monitor also comes with isolation pads and cables that you can use for setting it up.

All of its features make it a really good multimedia monitor. It guarantees a studio-quality performance. With its durable design, you can use it for a very long time and make the most out of every single penny you spent on it.


Checking all the feedback on the internet for the Mackie CR3, you can see it’s doing really good as far as performance is concerned. However, it still has some minor flaws that need to be addressed. It has a weaker bass response as compared to some models at the same price point. It also has irregular resonances if it is not isolated properly.


With all its amazing features, the Mackie CR3 is considered as one of the best starter monitors available in the market today. It is relatively cheaper as compared to other makes and models with the same level of design and performance.

The quality of sound it produces makes it excellent not only for entertainment purposes, but also for creating multimedia projects. Although it falls short when it comes to bass, it can still produce excellent sound that is loud and clear. The device is very easy to operate and the overall design is very user friendly. It is indeed worth every single penny you spend for it.


The Mackie CR Series CR3 is a good studio monitor for starters. Another model that is an excellent model for beginners is the M-Audio AV32 Compact Studio Monitor speakers. Both produce superb sound quality and about the same level of bass performance. They also come at around the same price point. However, when it comes to design, the Mackie CR3 is definitely a better choice.

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