5 of the Best Speakers for Producing

Best Speakers for Producing

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Picture this: you’re in your home studio meticulously adding the final touches to a record you’ve been working on for days on end. You listen to the track somewhere other than your studio, and the thing sounds horrendous! It sounds nothing like it sounded in your home studio.

If the above-described scenario sounds familiar, you should clearly invest in a set of high-quality studio monitors. Due to the deluge of products in the market, selecting the right monitors can be quite challenging. To make the process easier, here’s our list of the best speakers for producing.

Adam Audio A7X

The AX series from Adam Audio boasts some of the most striking mid-range studio monitors on the market today, the A7X is by far the most popular of the bunch. The A7X boasts an excellent frequency range that goes all the way up to 50 kHz, which is well beyond human hearing.

If you’re wondering why this speaker features such a towering frequency range considering that the human ear can only distinguish sounds up to 20 kHz, it’s because it helps it deliver a notably flat frequency response throughout our audible range, providing us with more pure audio.

One of the characteristics that help set this studio monitor apart from the rest of the competition is its unique X-ART Tweeter, which is one of the most high-tech tweeter designs today. The unit also features front bass ports, allowing for closer wall placement in smaller rooms.

Reasons to Buy

  • An extended frequency response
  • Reproduces distortion-free sound
  • Offers both front and rear controls
  • This is our top pick for one the best speakers for producing

Yamaha HS8

Yamaha is a brand that requires no introduction, as it has been a monumental force in the world of sound. The HS8 is based on one of Yamaha’s legendary units, the Yamaha NS-10. It remains true to the sound of the classic model while utilizing some new technology to spice things up.

Not only that, but the Yamaha HS8 also boasts the same white coned woofers that are found on the NS-10. Where the HS8 differs from the NS-10 is with its convenient mounting system, which helps reduce vibrations. The unit also boasts large magnets that provide a smoother response.

The great thing about the HS8 is that while it’s considered a professional studio monitor, it’s one of the most affordable units on our list. If you’d like a smaller version of the Yamaha  HS8, check out the HS5 (5-inch) or the HS7 (7-inch). And if you seek more power, check out the HS8s.

Reasons to Buy

  • Marvelous quality and detailing
  • Built-in filters and level controls
  • Based on the legendary NS-10


The KRK RP5G3-NA Rokit 5 Generation 3 is arguably the best budget studio monitor on our list. It provides a clear and flat response of 35 kHz with ease. Further, it features multiple input types that make it compatible with almost all studio sources. It has XLR, RCA, and quarter-inch.

Our favorite property with this studio speaker is its heart-pumping bass, courtesy of the 5-inch glass composite subwoofer. The sound quality of this speaker is nothing short of superb, especially when you take its price into consideration. It offers 50 watts of bi-amped sound

Another quality that helps set this monitor apart is the fact that it offers some customization. You can tamper with the high-frequency adjustments to make it sound as you’d like. Lastly, the peak SPL value on this unit is 106dB, which is enough for just about any workroom setting.

Reasons to Buy

  • Highly affordable studio monitor
  • Produces very minimal distortion
  • An extended response of 35 kHz

Neumann KH 120 A

Neumann is one of the most prominent manufacturers in the microphones department all across the globe. However, since its 2010 debut in the speaker market after taking over Klein+Hummel, Neumann has been associated with some of the best studio monitors on the market.

The Neumann KH line is the first and arguably the most popular Neumann release, and the KH 120 is the crown jewel of this line. This speaker features titanium fabric dome drivers and has a composite sandwich cone design. It also has the Mathematically Molded Dispersion waveguide.

Without getting too much into details, all the above-mentioned technology helps make this unit a phenomenal producer of sound, making them a nice fit for authentically translating your mixes to real-life systems. However, we feel the need to point out that these speakers don’t come cheap.

Reasons to Buy

  • A bi-amplified studio speaker
  • Notably rugged construction
  • Has a fantastic power output

Edifier R1280T

The final product on our list and probably the most affordable of the bunch is the Edifier R1280T. Before we get into technical specifications, we just need to express how much we’re fond of the design of this speaker. For a unit that’s under $150, this thing just looks phenomenal.

The Edifier R1280T is composed of modern, high-quality components that grant it a spectacular performance and rugged construction. The unit features various input options including a double auxiliary input, meaning you can plug two different devices using the aux input at once.

This speaker comes with a remote controller that grants you full control of their performance. It’s easy super easy to adjust the volume, treble, and bass while chilling on your sofa reviewing how your mix sounds. All in all, this is an ideal pick if you’re restricted by a tight budget.

Reasons to Buy

  • Highly affordable studio speaker
  • The speaker just looks incredible
  • Can be controlled via a controller

Final Words on the Best Speakers for Producing

Using any of the above-mentioned monitors, your production process will be more authentic and meticulous. Let us know which of the speakers reviewed in this article you think is the best.

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