Rockville ASM5 5” Studio Monitor Speakers Pair Review

Rockville ASM5 5” Studio Monitor Speakers Pair Review

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If you are looking for suitable studio monitor speakers, you should consider obtaining the Rockville ASM5 5” speakers. These products are designed to provide high-quality performance level for an optimal audio experience.

The Rockville ASM5 two-way speakers are fitted with numerous features which are integrated to produce refined sound and response. Moreover, this unique speaker is considered affordable in comparison to alternatives in the same class. While the ASM5 speakers are not perfect or infallible, they will provide a great audio experience for your studio needs.

Features of the Rockville ASM5 5” Studio Monitor Speakers Pair

  • Studio monitor speaker system rated at 200W.
  • Two-way active speakers for amplified sound.
  • Switching or Class D amplifier circuitry for optimal control.
  • Graphite composite cone woofer with talc and injection molded design for midrange audio frequency.
  • Neodymium soft dome tweeter with Ferrofluid for high range frequency sounds.
  • Waveguide design created with exceptional imaging and detail.
  • Curved front Bexel designed to eliminate general standing wave distortion.
  • Low bass extension loading provided by a rear-firing port with computer optimization.
  • Voice coils with specialized design to promote accurate response in the entire frequency range.
  • Mater output connection with unique noise rejection cabling.
  • Independent amplifier for each of the drivers with frequency-specific features.
  • Multiple connection options, including mini jack cable and USB.
  • LED power on indicator and a multifunctional rotary volume control button.

Advantages of Choosing the Rockville ASM5 5

Excellent Vocal Intensive Performance

If you are looking for speakers which are intended to work well with vocals, the Rockville ASM5 5” studio speakers are ideal for your needs. This high-performance level can be attributed to the unique design which eliminates diffraction at high frequency. At the same time, these speakers provide the full range of accuracy in monitoring. The bass response is also excellent.

Optimal Computer Modeled Design

The Rockville ASM5 5” speakers use a sophisticated form of computer modeling to increase performance efficiency. Using this aspect, the manufacturer has incorporated some rear-firing ports. These are specially designed to provide enhanced bass coupling for the equipment. As a result, you will have better low-frequency sound response without compromising the accuracy. Also, this feature ensures amplified and reinforced bass. You will notice the clean bass which stands above alternatives.

Long-Lasting Neodymium Tweeters

Tweeters in studio monitor speakers tend to sustain damage due to the heat produced during sessions of intense use. The tweeters in the Rockville ASM5 5” product are designed using neodymium which is a lightweight but resilient material. These components are bathed in some magnetic Ferrofluid. This material ensures that the speakers remain cool at all times, prolonging the service life of the speaker even more.

Recessed Bezel Tweeter Design

The Rockville ASM5 5” tweeters have a unique recessed bezel design. This build is ideal because it provides optimal waveguide of the high-frequency sounds produced by the speakers. In simple terms, this allows the sound to be focused towards the listening stage, giving the audience a better audio experience. Moreover, the high-frequency section has an equalization circuit which can be adjusted. You can tune up the device for optimal in-room listening.

Quad Amplifier Design

The Rockville studio monitors are advantageous over the alternative products in the same category in the market because of the quad amplifier design. The quad amplifier design is present in the two speakers. Simply speaking, the tweeters and woofers in the speaker have their amplifiers which are optimized to the best frequency. This design ensures that there is no waste of energy during amplification. Also, the distortion of the harmony is minimal.

Shortcomings of the Rockville ASM5 5” Studio Speakers

Like most speakers of the class, there is some vibration noticeable vibration from the woofer when playing at very high volumes. However, the sound is still quite clean, and it merges well with the higher frequency sounds.


The Rockville ASM5 5” studio speakers might not be perfect for every audio need. However, they are indisputably high-quality products with refined vocal reproduction. You will get value for your money and enjoy long-term service.

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